Not Just for Newspapers

When my daughter was born, my first, she had more clothes than she could wear.  I didn’t know that babies grew so fast or that my kids would grow faster than most.  My barely 4 year old is now in girls’ sizes!  I’ve wised up now.  My kids’ wardrobes are really bare minimum because they grow out of things before they can get good wear out of them.  That’s pricy.

I think of their clothes almost entirely in outfits.  Top and bottoms together.  I figured out my preferences in time for my son being born.  All of his onesies had pants to go with them.  By the way… why does Wal-Mart sell onesies in packages of three and baby pants in packages of two?  (This is the hot dog and bun argument all over again, I know.)  So frustrating.

In order to keep said tops and bottoms together I looked no further than my office supply drawer.  Rubber Bands!!!  When they were infants I would wrap together a white onesie and a sleep-and-play, or a onesie and pants or whatever.  This was great for quick changing, or quick packing (I had a spare “blow-out” ready outfit in the diaper bag at all times), and for seeing what items still needed its pair.

IMG_8888Now that they’re older, I don’t do it with their jeans and tops until I’m packing for a trip.  Sometimes I even strap a pair of socks with the outfits just to be sure I’m packing enough.  I also put a rubber band around my son’s button-down shirts and a t-shirt that matches.

IMG_8884My favorite thing to do is pajama sets.  It just makes the drawer look so much better.  Extra bonus, you don’t have to turn the light on to find a top and bottom when they wet through in the middle of the night.


How about you?  What are your clothes organizing tricks?  Do your kids outgrow their clothes at an alarming rate?


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