D-I-Y (the y is optional)

Do you have someone in your life who can build things?  I feel for these people because we always ask them favors.  It’s like your friend with a truck or the friend who cuts hair. 

My dad is that guy. The kind that builds things. I have a Pinterest board in his name where I put both things I think he’ll like and projects he could do for me!

I saw this cool holder for stuffed animals, and while I need one of those too I was in more need for one like it for balls. Before, I would attempt to gather the balls in bins or laundry baskets, but I ended up putting them in a corner and bracing them with our arm chair.

Dad and Mom were up for a visit two years ago and I asked him to build a solution. 

This is a favorite of mine. It’s 4 ft tall and built from 6 1x4s, I think.  I helped pick out the materials, but I was very pregnant at the time and couldn’t help more than that. 

For the bands we cut strips of plastic clothesline.  You need two people to tie them as tight as they need to be. 

For now this ball holder is in our living room, but as the kids get older and change to mostly outside balls, it will get moved to the garage probably. 

How about you?  Where do you store things you use often but for shape or size reasons hate to be stored?

Both kids also like emptying the bin and putting themselves in jail. 


2 thoughts on “D-I-Y (the y is optional)

  1. We bought Zaylee a mini trampoline after we saw how much she loved the one at her piano teacher’s house. She uses it everyday for everything! It’s a table, a chair, a bed, a desk, and a toy she can jump on when she’s bored. BUT it’s in the middle of my living room!!! Even if I push it off to the side, it’s sticking out and in the way. It’s amazing what we, as parents, are willing to deal with for our kids. ^_^


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