Behind Closed Doors 

I nearly titled this post “my tricked out bathroom.”  That’s how I feel about ours. I can take no credit for this first part other than that I discovered a use for it. We rent right now and our landlord hung a mirror on the outside of our bathroom door.

I thought that was an odd placement. Most people hang them on the inside.  But the genius of this placement is when you open the door and angle it right with the medicine cabinet mirror you now can see the back of your head!  It’s like being spun around in the stylist’s chair. 

Now I can curl or flat iron my hair and check the back so I miss nothing. It’s great for braiding too!  I’m a little tied to this now. It’s hard to fix my hair 2 dimensionally when we travel.

The problem came along when I had kids. If I open the bathroom door, they are immediately in there, going through drawers, pulling out toilet paper, etc.

I was fixing my hair with the door closed, and I thought what I needed was one of those doors like we always had at the church nursery where the top opens and the bottom stays shut. (Just looked it up… It’s called a Dutch door.)  

I’m thinking this would solve my problem and I could get my magic mirror back and keep an eye on my kids too. Then I thought, “It’d be like when I cook and put the gate up.”

Lightbulb moment. 

“I could use the child gate!”

Ours is too small for the doorway, but it works if you wedge it between the bathroom and bedroom door frames. Genius!  Now I have my tricked out bathroom and can fix my hair and makeup (when that happens) without having to wonder what’s happening on the other side of the door.

What about  you?  How do you solve your “back of head” and “kids in my space” issues?


4 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors 

  1. This is awesome, Marie! Very smart, I learned to put a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door (genius) and baby gates are useful in places other than the stairs! Thanks for sharing! 😀


  2. This doesn’t necessarily pertain to ‘back of the head’ or ‘kids in my space’ issues, but I created a floor gym for Sierra that also works as a diaper changing area and place to keep her toys. After she eats, I have something else to take care of that doesn’t allow me to play with her so I needed a way to keep her occupied with my supervision. She prefers to play on the floor so she can wiggle and dance, so she really enjoys this! It’s the bar with dangling toys from her pack and play with interchangeable toys so she doesn’t get too bored. It’s always fun to get creative when you have a problem to solve. Thanks for sharing yours!

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