What Your Smartphone Says About You

At any given moment my phone has 4 apps operating.  Calendar, Notes, AnyList, and MyFitnessPal.

smart phone

I’ve mentioned my way of menu planning on Notes in my previous post here.  That’s the main reason I keep the Calendar and Notes apps open.  When you hold your meal plan loosely you alter it frequently based on need.

MyFitnessPal is my second calorie counting app I’ve used.  I was using Everyday Food, but MyFitnessPal is more specific and I can calculate calories of a recipe easily.  I’ll have to do a separate post on this one.  There’s so much I love about it.

IMG_2640AnyList has completely replaced my lists I used to keep on paper.  I have a list for groceries, clothing items I need to buy eventually for our family, errands I need to run, things I have to do on my actual laptop, questions to ask at the next doctor’s appointment, etc.  Having all of this on my phone keeps things on hand (literally).

IMG_2641When I add grocery items it automatically groups them into categories. Now all of my produce is together no matter when I add them to the list.  I can easily add amounts to items as well.  (Like specific ounces not just… 2 or 3.)  And it’s legible.  You probably have beautiful handwriting.  I do not.  Teacher’s have tried to improve it to no avail.  No one tried harder than Mom.  Lots of red Big Chief (probably not PC) practice pads at our house.  Where was I?

I especially love AnyList because I can share my list with someone else via email on their app.  That means that my husband and I both have access to the grocery list.  He can add stuff that he needs me to get.  Or, because I’m a stay at home mom… and a bit of a homebody, he can get the list on his way home from work.

How about you…  What apps do you keep open?  What’s your favorite way to keep your grocery list?


2 thoughts on “What Your Smartphone Says About You

  1. I love lists!!!! It can be addicting though. The boys all have kindles and I’ve recently started using chore monster. Reece (10) and Ty (7) both love it. Alton (4) thinks it’s neat too. The monster keeps track of what chores they need to do and what reward they get after earning x number of points. They want to do their chores because the monster lets them play a little game when they do.

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