What the World Needs NOW…

If you have the ability, please create the following:

A playplace/automotive repair shop

I want to get an oil change while my kids are at a park. This could transform the auto repair industry.

A drive thru pick-up window at the library

I’ve mastered reserving my books and being able to pick up what I want without wrangling my children through the stacks. But then I still am chasing kids in the library trying to check out.

An anti-humidity hair solution 

I seem to straighten my hair on the wrong days. Is this in the realm of miracles?

How about you?  What am I forgetting?  Feel free to dream big!


The Original Take ‘n Toss

Kids wanted a snack in the car. I forgot to pack the usual snack containers. I had a couple of trail mix bags, but handing a large bag to the littles I knew was a bad idea…

Using what I had and remembering my former boss’ greatest life lesson to me I fashioned bowls from the paper napkin (“serviettes” for English friends) stash in the glove compartment (I don’t know what British people call that).

My boss, professor Doug Welch, once served popcorn using a paper towel and this technique.

Of course we all know what the good stuff in trail mix really is, so my kids hand me back their bowls when they’re done…

Sans M&Ms. Poor mommy.