What the World Needs NOW…

If you have the ability, please create the following:

A playplace/automotive repair shop

I want to get an oil change while my kids are at a park. This could transform the auto repair industry.

A drive thru pick-up window at the library

I’ve mastered reserving my books and being able to pick up what I want without wrangling my children through the stacks. But then I still am chasing kids in the library trying to check out.

An anti-humidity hair solution 

I seem to straighten my hair on the wrong days. Is this in the realm of miracles?

How about you?  What am I forgetting?  Feel free to dream big!


3 thoughts on “What the World Needs NOW…

  1. You need to move to Springfield MO–we have drive-thru library pick up windows! Hair salon/play place would be good for me–maybe my hair would be cut more than every 18 months then:) I almost recommended a movie theatre combined with something kid-friendly, but who am I kidding, I would still see very few movies. (Though these Alamo Drafthouse locations which are restaurant/movie theatre sound quite intriguing.)And I wish all the world had diaper-changing stations in their bathrooms.

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    1. Springfield it is! Now that we’re closer to family we hope to increase our movie going without kids, we’ll see. I love the idea of hair salon/play place. Or maybe a nap time home visit would work. 🙂


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