Tastes Like Summah

My family and I are about to go on vacation in North Carolina.  Oak Island actually.  Do any of my essential oil friends make their own shark repellent?  We’re renting a beach house with a kitchen so we’re going to cook probably all of our meals.  I’m creating a dream week vacation menu for us.  I love everything on it; I hope my family does too.  Like all of my menu plans, I’m holding it loosely.  I’ll leave room for the leading of our appetites, but my taste buds are so ready for this.

To create this all star eating list I’ve been thinking of the beach and the nice fresh seafood I know we can get there that you can’t in the Midwest.  Also… this is North Carolina.  My Grandma is from Roxboro.  We have a little south in us so we must tip our hat while on vacation to the great food gift to the world that is southern cooking.  Coconut cake, biscuits, shrimp, I wouldn’t mind some grits in there too.

4ec58eedf376f71af5b1d12eb48cfd63Crunch and texture is a must for the beach, so plenty of crisp salads with fruit and nuts.  Summer isn’t summer for me without BLT’s and iced tea and lemonade.  Sandwiches are so Summer.  Really anything handheld for me is beach worthy.

de056d247dd77bb95206fc21864f4030For some reason I’m including a lot of tacos.  There’s something about a warm corn tortilla with spicy meat and lots of cilantro and onions that says summer to me.   They are handheld too, maybe that’s the tie in.

So I have the menu, which I’ve made pretty just for this blog.  It really just exists on my phone in notes.  I also have made a Pinterest board because I cook from my phone, and I plan to then too.  

beach menu

What would be on your perfect summer week menu?  What tastes like summer to you?


4 thoughts on “Tastes Like Summah

  1. Curious how the cooking and menu went over at the beach? We recently vacationed in Dauphin Island Alabama and our meals were mostly no frills (tacos,spaghetti,pizza) but that was ok with me, because part of the vacation for me is less cooking:) Had some great seafood–local shrimp, non-local snow crab, farm stand tomatoes and peaches, sauteed yellow squash and even a small bag of boiled peanuts. Other summer staples for me: grilled brats, pasta salads (I prefer ones made by others) s’mores and Hawaiian shaved ice.

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    1. It went great! I did some substituting even before we left, mostly nixing things that had ingredients that needed to be bought there but when I only needed a little – lemongrass pork was off. We had crab legs too and shrimp twice, lots of biscuits and Italian sausage. Mom doesn’t like brats. Isn’t that sad? We also had s’mores. Elodie is so my kid. We fixed them, she took a bite and said “Mom, can I just have the chocolate?”


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