One Magic Shoebox

We are living with my in-laws currently. We have since mid-April when we returned to Missouri. Our house is probably 3 weeks from move-in ready. Everything is in storage.
Except… my shoebox.

I love to cook and while most homes where I’m a guest have great pots and cookware, I’ve become so attached to a few of my gadgets and knives that I decided to bring them with me.
(Que Ariel singing her “ahhhh”s)
This shoebox of glory holds my favorite must-haves. When the kids and I went on vacation last week and the rental kitchen was a little lacking I phoned home and my husband sent my beautiful shoebox with my dad and brother who joined us soon after.
My exact words…IMG_2050

Then later…


So what is in this box?!?


A tea bag press, a garlic press, a lemon/lime press, a microplane grater (lemons need zesting), my thermapen, a chefs knife, bread knife, tomato/bagel knife, a paring knife and a knife sharpener (that last one I bought recently).

Now to lay them out pretty…

shoeboxThe chefs knife, thermapen, sharpener and citrus press are America’s Test Kitchen’s picks from product testing. Any new equipment I buy now, I want their approval. Once you begin that slippery slope of buying quality it’s hard to stop. They often have “best buys” that are budget friendly. I’m keeping knives in a shoebox not a safe. The thermapen costs about $100 and is easily the most expensive thing I’ve bought that does one thing (Alton Brown would dub it a “uni-tasker”), but it does that one thing well.  If you want your chicken cooked through but not overcooked, you need a thermapen or another instant read thermometer.

My immersion mixer/hand blender is also essential to me, but my mother-in-law owns one just like mine, so mine’s in storage.

How about you? What would be in your box? Would it fit in the box?


3 thoughts on “One Magic Shoebox

  1. I have two Ikea knives that are pretty awesome–were not too expensive either. Also I have a tiny whisk that I really like for silly reasons–it’s great for glasses of chocolate milk. I have a favorite super flexible spatula–think it’s silicon. And if it was long term separation from my kitchen Id want my electric mixer–it’s an Oreck brand (who knew they made something other than vacuums) and can whip eggs whites on the first or second speed; it has five.

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    1. Vacuums and mixers! I wish I would have kept my spatula with me too. I have a new Rubbermaid that I miss. I thought I was the only one who used a tiny whisk! I use mine for chocolate milk, spiced tea and hot chocolate. Nothing better.


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