Share the Wear

Arriving at youth group, as an adult sponsor, on Wednesday night I looked down at my outfit and thought… “Didn’t I wear this last week?”  I found a high school friend and asked her if she remembered me wearing this very thing.  “Maria, I love you,” she began, “but I don’t really pay attention to what you wear.”  What a sweetheart!

So this is probably just me.  I sometimes find that I wear the same thing to the same event.  And it bugs me.

When I buy clothes, I am usually in great need and I buy maybe two new shirts.  They become my favorite shirts and I wear them anytime I’ll be around people and I want to look nice.  The problem with that… I wear out my clothes really quickly.  I don’t have the means for a spending spree, and I’m still an advocate of using what you already own, so I just need to get myself to wear my whole closet and share the wear.

I read a blog about decluttering.  I’m a very low-clutter person comparatively, but I love reading the tips, especially when someone says they have “7 Tips to Declutter NOW!” because  I want to see if I’m doing all of them.  Ridiculous.  Someone who makes adorable typography needs to make a sign that says, “Adults Don’t Get Report Cards” and send it to me.

IMG_3399Anyway, she gave a tip to weed out your closet of extra clothes you’re not wearing… turn the hanger around after you wear the item and put it away.  Whatever hangers are not turned after a month, get rid of the item.  (I’ve also heard a variation with post its.)


I didn’t really need to get rid of extra clothes.  I’m the one finding myself wearing the same thing every Wednesday night.  The truth is I don’t own many clothes comparatively… but I tried the hanger trick for fun.


I actually found a personalized use for it.  Instead of just seeing what I haven’t worn and giving it away, it helps me utilize my closet better.  If the hanger is turned around I make myself find something else to wear.  I’m trying to wear my whole closet now.

I also wanted a way to remind myself of what I wore the last time to the thing I do frequently and I see the same bunch of people at.  Huh?  I made tags for “church” and for my mom’s group I go to twice a month.  IMG_3396.JPGI may wear the same thing now and then, but at least I won’t wear exactly the same shirt this Saturday night at church as I did last week.  It also helps free up that time standing in the closet going… “What did I wear last week?”  Is this just me doing this?  Is this a vain thing?

How about you?  Do you have closet tricks that need sharing?


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