Low Tech Brick Vac

Lego blocks are a part of my daily life. Picking up Lego blocks is also a part of my daily life because I don’t want to buy the new slippers. Have you not heard of these?  Click for the Lego slipper story.

Like I said, I’ll pick them up. There’s cool drawstring equipped play sheets I’ve seen, but then you still have to police your child to play only on the sheet I guess. 

What do I have already to help with clean up?  My dustpan!  

I mostly sweep with my swiffer vac, so my dustpan is purty clean. 


Yep, it’s essentially a Lego shovel. Takes several passes, but my handfuls are much smaller, so this is waaay more efficient. Also, my daughter thinks it’s fun so she will help with her child-sized dustpan. Now I’m done even faster. 


All better. 


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