Up to the Highest Heights!

Cheap kites fly so well but they are a pain to store neatly. You rip the bag to open it and then what do you do?  At less than $4 a lot end up in the trash after just one use I’m sure.  

 Here’s a free way to store a cheap kite…

Umbrella bags!  Just the right size. 

 When you buy your kite for the season pick up a free bag and keep them in your trunk. Kite flying whenever the wind picks up. 

I was getting them up for my children, then they weren’t interested. I flew both at once!  Supermom? No, I just really like flying kites. 


Winter Hands Solution

Between changing diapers or aiding a potty-training child, fixing meals, et al. I estimate that I wash my hands 4 times every hour… at least.  Yay I rarely get sick.. .boo my hands crack, especially now in winter.  Lotions never seem to last long enough to really take effect.

Thanks to my cousin reading this blog I have found a nifty solution.  Wash the dishes.

After writing about my order of washing dishes by hand when I didn’t have a dishwasher, she suggested I wear gloves for my hands’ sake.  I bought some at the grocery store the next day.


(Oddly enough, I titled that post “in case your maytag breaks” and I then we bought a house, got a dishwasher, a Whirlpool not a Maytag, and then it broke.)

IMG_3715We have a dishwasher now.  The few dishes I needed to wash by hand didn’t seem glove worthy, until my hands started to winterize again and look in great need of therapy.  Then the dishwasher heating element broke and I was back to my tried and true system and wearing the gloves again.  I also had forgotten that I used that time to rejuvenate my skin.

Before I don my gloves, I slather on lots of lotion.

The one I use now is like udder balm.  But I’m sure almost any good hand lotion would do.


Great therapy on its own, but put it on before the gloves and then wash in warm water and it multiplies its effect.


I’ve heard some people sleep in moisturized gloves, so I think it works similarly… but this way you don’t have to sleep with gloves on.  Win win!

My dishwasher is repaired but until winter is over, or as long as I need to, I will wash my substantially more manageable pile of dishes with my homemade moisture gloves!  Thanks Amy!