Bathroom Drawer To Go

Our former home had a large bathroom vanity with big drawers on either side. Our new bathroom cannot fit such a large vanity so we went with the small cabinet it came with. The problem is where to put all the stuff that used to go in a drawer. 

Solution… A cosmetic bag! 

I must trust you if I show you inside my bathroom storage.

Mine is from IKEA and I love it! It fits everything. 
My make up is in the bottom. 

My medicine fits on the side. 

A zipper for all my ponytail holders and bobby pins etc. 

And my hair spray and gel even fit on top and it still zips. 

The best thing is now my bathroom needs are “to go.” I can take it with me to the hallway bathroom or when it’s time to go on a trip it’s already packed.  

I keep my heat styling tools in the linen closet in the hallway. I don’t need them daily. 

What about you?  How do you manage small space?


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