I can’t remember where I first heard about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, but I finally checked out the book from my library and read it in four days (it’s a small book.  It may take you less time, but I didn’t wait until I had finished before I started her method).


KonMari is the method she created to tidy your home by category in two steps: hold every item in your home one at a time asking yourself, “Does this spark joy?” and then put away all the “yes” things and send off the rest.  With each category you place all of it in one big pile before holding each item.  You first go through your clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous items by category, and mementos.  You finish with mementos because if you start with trying to purge your home you will get hung up on the things that are special to you and your organizing stalls and stops.


Marie Kondo says that tidying is an event that you do once, only once, but it takes the average home 6 months to complete.

My clothes were already sparse, so I couldn’t imagine that I needed to KonMari that, but picking up one item at a time there were still plenty that I got rid of because, no, they did not spark joy.  Now my closet only holds items that I enjoy wearing.  She also has a specific vertical folding method that I love.  You can see everything in your drawer at once.  No more digging.

As I was reading, there were two bits of advice/rules that I could never see myself doing and I didn’t really see the point.  She unpacks her handbag every evening when she returns home and she doesn’t keep her shampoo and soap in the shower.  Who does that!?

I do… now.

I’ll try it once I thought.

She has some different beliefs that border on animism (your socks should be at rest when they are put in the drawer), so she puts her purse away and thanks it for its hard work that day.  I unpack my purse, putting everything into a little metal basket in the kitchen and put my empty purse back with its two other buddies in the top of my closet and I find myself being grateful, not to my purse, but to God for the day He has made.  It’s a nice way to unwind and reset for the next day (me, not the purse).  A side effect is that now I rotate my purses for the first time in my life.  I’ve always been a one purse, neutral color, kind-of-girl.  I would use that purse until the handle and zipper broke, toss it and buy a new one to abuse.  Now I select my purse for the day based on need and my outfit.  In the middle of the day my packed purse hangs on the hook by the garage and it does look uncomfortably stretched at the strap.  I find myself seeing it and thinking “poor purse.”  OH NO!  What’s wrong with me!


Secondly, she says that the shower is a terrible place to store anything.  Things stay wet and gross stuff happens.  My shelf is the lower one; I can’t see on top of my husband’s shelf it’s so high (and I’m so short, I heard you).  My shelf is in high water range.  It’s always drenched and has next to no drainage.  She describes the reddish-orange slime that can form in your shower in damp conditions.  I have seen that slime.  Now, per her advice, after I dry myself I use my towel and wipe down my shampoo bottle, body wash, and face wash and place it in the plastic bin I already had under my sink for cleaning products.  There was plenty of space and no, my shampoo is not touching the toilet bowl cleaner.  My razor I actually store under the sink in the toothbrush holder (don’t mistake those two!).  My shelf is staying way cleaner and when it’s time to clean the shower I don’t have to first remove all of my stuff before spraying it down.

What about you?  Have you read her book or seen her on a show?  What did you think?


2 thoughts on “KonMARIA!

  1. Didn’t know there was a show too, I have read the book. I couldn’t get on board with most of her ideas,maybe because I can get rid of my stuff but my house changes little because of my four other people who should be able to keep what they want (to some degree) even if I don’t like it. The animism thing struck me too, I felt like the author had somewhat of weird view of objects. The spark joy idea I liked, but I felt like too much of my stuff fell into the needed, but not joy-sparking category–so I kind of threw out the baby with the bath water…I felt like it was more extreme than my middle child, under buying already personality type could handle. That said, I’m glad it’s working for you!!!

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    1. I’ve read they’re filming a show in Japan but I think she’s only been on morning shows and interviews in America. I’ve not seen her, only heard radio shows with bits from her seminars featured.

      I totally hear you on other people’s stuff. I refolded Joseph’s drawers but removed nothing. We went through our books and movies and CDs together too. Elodie did konmari her clothes. I made a huge pile including hand-me-downs she hadn’t seen before and let her go through each item. She was in heaven. She only said no to three things, but since then she has told me when something is getting too tight and needs to be given away. It was a big deal to let her have that much decision-making power, but it’s been positive so far.


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