Manageable Challenge: Strict Grocery List

I love podcasts. Best way to enjoy a long drive. My husband is always finding new ones to try out. He found one recently where each episode is an interview with a cookbook author.  I checked out Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook after hearing the author, Dana Gunders, interview. 

The book does contain recipes, but it is mostly a how to stretch and store and use up everything in your kitchen to eliminate wasting any food. The first part of the book argues that if there were a kitchen anti-waste revolution we could eradicate global warming, well maybe she doesn’t come down that strongly, but she presents a pretty strong cause and effect of our spending and wasting habits surrounding our food. 

The biggest place to combat waste in the kitchen, she argues, is at the grocery store. 

I’m trying to challenge myself now to: Go with a list and stick to my list. 

I’ve been shopping from my grocery list for years, but I’ve not made a big effort to adhere to it entirely. 

When I check out I’m asked, “Did you find everything alright?” 

And my answer is too often “Yes, and then some!”

My personal challenge for myself is now to give myself “finding eyes” not “shopping eyes” and only get what is on the list. ONLY. It’s best not to even look at anything else. I’ve done it successfully once so far. On Tuesday there were four things on my list…

I left with just those things. 

Now to do that more often. 

There are times when I’ve forgotten to put it on my list and I need it, so I’m trying to take a moment in the car to reread my list and my weekly menu and double check before I get in the store and am faced with prettily stocked shelves that just want my money. 

Want to take on this challenge with me?  Let me know if you have tips on getting out with only what you went in for!  I’m like 1 for 4 so far in trying this. I could use some help!


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