Pin of Pens

Saw this on Pinterest ages ago and saved my toilet paper rolls. 

It didn’t take long and then I made my own…

I’ve had this for a couple years now. It lives in our office cabinet in the kitchen, but I once kept it in a drawer. It’s so great to see everything at once. Just a plain box with toilet rolls. (Feel like I sound like Bryan Reagan-“It’s a box with rolls in it… I call it ‘box of rolls'”)

My daughter had quite the pile of art supplies and crayons never get put back in their box. So, I made her a similar craft shoebox…

Some are rolls, some are cut up cereal boxes. One is a cough syrup box. It’s not pretty but it sure is useful!


2 thoughts on “Pin of Pens

  1. Need that artbox for our place! What’s your strategy for all the paper that’s drawn on and art that’s created? Marie Kondi never met my 5 year old…. 🙂 I have allowed roughly one side of the fridge and a clothesline, well paper-line of sorts in the bedroom with current works. We rotate out(read: sneak out) and recycle old stuff, but still have quite a bit.

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    1. Yes! I feel your pain! Everything is a masterpiece in her eyes! I’ve heard Kondo’s second book deals with having a child and the stuff that goes with it, but I haven’t read it yet. I’ve got preschool papers in a magazine holder, well two magazine holders, in our entertainment center that need to find a forever home, and I’ve started one for kindergarten. I do not hold on to everything I’m trying to be a “curator” and pick the best. Rotating the clothesline is brilliant!

      Just pinned this to look at too…


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