Right under your nose

New recipes saturate today’s home cook. Pinterest, food blogs and recipe websites have given me access to endless things to cook. But a 7 day week limits how many meals I can make. Choices must be made and I can either make an old favorite or take a chance and the extra prep time to make something new. 

I’ve also been burned (not literally) by making recipes found online that haven’t been tested like a published cookbook often has. 

I was in the mood to cook things I hadn’t before and I wanted to go to trusted sources. 

I am on a cookbook adventure through my books I cook from all the time, but I’m specifically seeking the recipes I’ve overlooked. 

This is a blast. Like serial reading all of the books by a favorite author. 

I can’t wait to make these wonderful sounding recipes that have been right under my nose. 

When I’ve got meals in mind I stick them like amendments on my meal plan note with the page number in parentheses. 

How about you?  Do you find yourself making just a few recipes from your cookbook collection?  


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