Our Daily Bread

It seems I’ve tripped on a theme that every so often I get the occasion to write about managing without a major appliance. Is your dishwasher dysfunctional… click here. Is your range out of commission… click here.  I found this week that these are all much easier to work around than when the refrigerator stops cooling. 

Last Monday there was a giant icicle down the lower inside of the freezer that I figured out later was caused by our ice maker melting all the ice and re-freezing as it dropped into the bottom. Yep, the top of both the freezer and fridge was warm and the bottom was just fine. 

We managed to save the cheese we had just stocked from Wisconsin and several other perishables at my in-laws. 

Our fix-everything guy was booked so we were trying to make it work until he could have a look to see if it was repairable. 

My options for cooking was limited to ingredients sourced from just the pantry, plus we had no way to keep leftovers. Whatever I was going to make we needed to eat all of it. 

I made a half batch of our favorite pizza dough to make just one pizza, I made a half batch of rice a couple of times, I triaged the thawed frozen bananas into my favorite chocolate chocolate banana bread, and we ate a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes. We had box Mac n cheese with and cup of ramen. Twice we had take out. 

Really we ate like we did in college. My fridge looked very similar to a dorm fridge. 

On Friday with no word yet from our handyman we began pricing out used or dented models, but we would have to spend around $900 to get something comparable. No thanks! Plus the new models weren’t like our current fridge layout which I am so accustomed to and love. 

Thankfully we heard back that afternoon that our hero fixer could come and that evening I had my fridge working again for the low price of $150. The inside fan had shorted. 

My fridge looks correctly stocked again. And we can have dairy!

How about you? If you were faced with no food storage abilities what would you fix?


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