Vegetable Summer Rolls and Peanut Sauce

img_6096No stove required!  This may be the perfect summer dish, but I make these all year long.

The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook by Jaden Hair taught me the proper way to soften the rice paper and Anna Langbein’s cooking show on PBS is where I learned this simple method of making peanut sauce.  I only need a cutting board, a knife, an electric tea kettle and a pie plate to make these restaurant-pretty all-vegetable fresh summer rolls. They don’t have to be all vegetable, add chicken or pork by all means.  In the Steamy Kitchen, Jaden Hair has a great recipe for lemongrass pork that is awesome in these, but we most often just do vegetables and don’t miss the meat.

1. Gather ingredients…

I use a bell pepper, green leaf lettuce, a hot house cucumber, carrots, cilantro, crunchy peanut butter (or creamy and chopped dry roasted peanuts), and sweet chili sauce.

2. Chop your vegetables and start your tea kettle to boil.

3. Once your water is boiling, make your peanut sauce.  Mix almost equal parts crunchy peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, and boiling water.  About 1/4 or 1/3 cup each.  I add a little more peanut butter than chili sauce, but it’s by your taste.  Stir together then set aside.  The boiling water makes the mixture look awful, but it will smooth out while you stir and then while it sits.

4. Soften the spring roll wrappers.  Pour more hot water into your pie plate.  It should be hot or warm but not boiling.  You’re putting your fingers in it, DON’T BURN YOURSELF!  Working one roll at a time, place a round in the warm water and hold it down with your fingers, then turn it and submerge again, then pull it out.  It will still be stiff, but it becomes more pliable as you load it.

5. Load and roll.  Place a lettuce leaf (usually just the tops of the lettuce and let it come out the top, makes it pretty), carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers and cilantro and roll from the bottom up.  Place each roll on a plate as you make it.  Don’t let them touch or they will stick.

6. Serve with small dishes of your peanut sauce.

Click here for the recipe card.


Let me know if you try these!


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