Puttin’ on the Grits

My dad eats a meal I call Grits Fully Loaded almost every morning.  It’s deilcious.  Quick cooked grits topped with shredded cheese, a salsa like Texas caviar, and a poached or fried egg.


Grits is just a great vehicle for lots of food.  Including leftovers.

I’ve been experimenting…

Grits topped with pulled pork and bbq beans, sauteed peppers and mushrooms and cheese.

Leftover mango chicken samosa filling (mango, chicken, potato, spices and cilantro) and a poached egg.  Shockingly good.  I thought the mango would be too weird, but actually the potato threw me and the mango was awesome.

Quick cooked grits are ready in around 5 minutes making them faster than rice.  They taste like very little so you can doctor them however you like but they are extremely filling and I feel so nourished after eating my bowl.


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