Making Caroline Ingalls Proud

I’ve started reading the Little House series to my 6 year old.  We’re now in Farmer Boy and she loves them as much as I did as a kid.  In the first book, Little House in the Big Woods, Laura mentions her mom’s weekly housekeeping schedule.


It includes a washing day (I do a load of laundry pretty much every day, but I don’t have to fill a washtub with creek water), an ironing day (no thanks!), a mending day (this one I should incorporate), a day to churn, a day to rest, and a baking day.  Baking day sounded awesome, so I’ve declared Tuesday as baking day!  The most delicious day of the week.

When the flour, etc. is already out making multiple baked items is less of a chore.  My husband feels the same way about frying things.  “The oil is hot, what else should we deep fry…”

My freezer needs to have space to store for baking day.  I learned by listening to the America’s Test Kitchen podcast that baked items go stale at the same rate if you store on the counter or if you stir in the fridge.  What preserves freshness best is the freezer, as long as you wrap things properly.  Most things need two layers of plastic wrap and a freezer bag or aluminum foil.  Sliced frozen bread is great to go straight into the toaster.  A lot of bread will thaw on the counter from frozen in 30 minutes to an hour.  Then I noticed my microwave has a bread defrost button.  Does everyone know about this frozen bread thing but me?!

The first baking day I made a pie and froze it and also New York bagels, biscuits and blueberry muffins.  I wrapped the cooled muffins individually (after being short a couple) in two layers of plastic wrap then into a freezer bag .  Defrosting them in the microwave means every morning we could have warm blueberry muffins.  The next week I made ultimate cinnamon buns, double chocolate banana bread, baked ham and jalapeno empanadas, and more bagels (because we ate them all).  Last week I only made chocolate croissants.  These take the entirety of your baking day with all the resting in the fridge they need.  Worth it.  Oh so worth it.

Or course Ma didn’t often have the luxury of chocolate and white sugar and berries out of season and, and, and…  She and all those like her were wonder women at making things work.  But I think she’d be proud to know she influenced one modern-age woman to bake crazy delicious things for her family and friends on a designated day I SO look forward to.  And I get to bring my husband home from work with a text like this…

img_6737How about you?  Would a designated day encourage you to bake from scratch?  Do you store baked goods in the freezer and you’ve been sitting on this trick without telling me?!


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