Good for a Laugh

I’m coming off conference high right now. It was three days full of workshops and main sessions, amazing challenges and innovative ideas. I laughed until I cried every day.  Too many times I was still laughing from one gaff when the next was zinging me before I was done. Like labor contractions on top of each other… but with laughter, not crazy pain. 

It’s been too long. 

I need to laugh more.

It’s not that I’m grumpy or angry, maybe just too serious. 

Can you have a New Years resolution start in May?  I say yes!

So please please please I need suggestions for great reads, watches, and listens that will make me laugh. 

I’ve got my own little list of what gets me. I’m curious what your list would include. I can’t promise I’ll read or watch what you suggest, but I might. I’m guessing it would reveal some personal taste in humor and that’s good to know even for our own benefit. 

What makes you laugh?
My list…

Jon Acuff 

Mike Rowe (The Way I Heard It podcast)

Bob Goff

Jenny Lawson

People you may not know…

My Life Group (church small group)

Book Club

Sharon Sontag

Kristen and Jeff (my neighbors)


7 thoughts on “Good for a Laugh

  1. Jon Acuff–yes!

    Bob Murray–my favorite actor, and specifically What About Bob?

    Chuckled a lot at Rick Bragg’s book, My Southern Journey and Andrew Ferguson’s Crazy U.

    Dick Van Dyke Show, Andy Griffith and Get Smart.

    Also, memes about “Why My 3 yr old is crying”

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    1. Yes! What About Bob! I’m adding those books to my requests. I loved The Wright Brothers and I’m reading a Gretchen Rubin book now from your previous suggestions. We may have similar book taste I suspect.


    1. Love your list! I hadn’t heard of Liitle Hoots, but I’ve found the Facebook page now. Mo Willems is a genius. We have a collection and they belong to my husband and me not the children. 😉

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  2. Jim Gaffigan (on Netflix – stand up) makes me laugh!

    Definitely memes, playing “Munchkin” and “Exploding Kittens”, my hubby and his sarcastic and snarky comments about everything, my daughter says the funniest things

    Patrick McManus writes some funny stuff

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