Ode to a Funnel

I feel like the funnel, more than any other simple tool, embodies “manageable mess.” A funnel’s mission is to take a larger amount of anything and put it in a smaller, compact, or just more fitting space and to do all that with less work and less mess than manually spooning. 

Canning seems to be on the rise. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like canning is cool again. Mason jars are everywhere and now grocery stores are carrying canning accessories and ingredients in a bigger way than years’ past. Side effect of the Great Recession?  

I have seen these canning funnels in many places, but I bought mine at Menards. I think it was around $2. I use it daily. I shake salad dressing in small jars, and I store leftovers in glass jars more often. 

I wondered if it could solve a problem for me. My kids’ water bottles’ opening is small enough that my ice dispenser misses 9 times out of ten. 

My funnel doesn’t fit into the narrow mouth, but fits fairly snug over the top. Now the ice goes around and down. Like a great basketball shot. 

Funnels are the best, and this may be the best funnel. 
Happy mess managing!


2 thoughts on “Ode to a Funnel

  1. I need one of those!….especially for only $2! I have a regular funnel with the narrower tip. My kids have the exact same water bottle and we are always picking ice up off the floor…or stepping in cold melted cubes because we missed one.

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    1. I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this problem! Oh, by the way the 3ms all came off except one during vacation, but I think it was more from us stuffing things into the backseat rather than the heat. 🙂


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