Freeze Stinky Shoes

I’ve heard Levi’s actually recommends that you not wash your denim jeans but instead you should freeze them to kill any germs. I wash my jeans because… dirt. But, freezing to kill smell causing bacteria makes great sense when it comes to shoes.

Have you ever washed your shoes but they still smelled like stinky feet? Try freezing them.

First wash them (I just throw them in any old load of clothes) and dry them (preferably outside to air dry).

Then place then in a ziplock bag and freeze them overnight. Take them out of the bag and let them warm back up before wearing them.

When they thaw they should smell better. I’ve never had them back to 100%, but it’s noticeable better. When you’re not wearing your shoes, try putting a used dryer sheet in them too.

Still waiting on Sploosh to become a real thing Stanley Yelnats.


6 thoughts on “Freeze Stinky Shoes

  1. I freeze a certain family member’s favorite pillow once a week. I just put it in the deep freeze. This is the only way I can remove the smell.


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