The Other Side of the Shelf

My daughter is a bookworm. She needed a new bookshelf. The ones in her closet just weren’t enough, plus there’s no light in there to see a book choice clearly.

She also was begging for a big mirror in her room. She’s nine and a half. She’s becoming a preteen and picking out her outfits by her own developing taste and style.

We went to Ikea for a shelf, but the brackets were out of stock. My husband is like the IKEA whisperer. He sees the full potential of every item in the store.

He sees this…

And says, “She could put books in both sides of that.”

So we turned it this way and voila, a two sided bookcase and I 3m’d a cheap mirror from Walmart on the side.

Boom! Bookcase and mirror combo. We secured it to the wall with a few crazy long screws into the studs.

Don’t you love that her existing “bookshelf” is full of toys so we had to get her a new bookshelf. I imagine eventually it will be ALL books, but don’t grow too fast dear girl.