Less Mess Deviled Eggs

After making easy peeling hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs are a snap. All the times I’ve made deviled eggs, the peeling takes the longest time. I like my deviled eggs savory and sour. You should make your favorite filling but mine is:

Mashed hard yolks from halves of a dozen hard boiled eggs (don’t count in the picture, it’s fewer here), 1/2 c mayonnaise, 3 Tablespoons Dijon mustard, and 2 Tablespoons of relish or finely chopped pickles (whichever you have).

Once your filling mixture is smooth, put into a frosting bag with a tip or a ziplock bag and snip the corner. (It’s kinda amazing that I have a frosting bag. I use it primarily for making deviled eggs. I don’t have a deviled egg plate so I use a pie pan.)

Then pipe in your filling one egg half at a time. If you have frosting skills yours will look better than mine. I just hold the tip near the bottom of the egg half then squeeze until the egg is filled and lift out.

I sprinkle with paprika, but chives or dill would be good too.

Happy Cookout Gatherings!


Printable Kid’s Chore List

My daughter is 7.  I should have started this sooner, but at least I’m doing it now.  This is not a perfect system, and it still requires more enforcing than I’m currently doing.  Man, that’s a lot of disclaimers (I sure named my blog right), but this has made assigning chores and daily tasks work for us.

I made this document originally on Adobe InDesign, but I remade it in Word just for adding it to this post, so you can open it and edit it for your own kid.  If you click: Chore List, you’ll get the Word Document and you can change the chores or anything you want. (My fonts are Speedball no. 3 and Segoe Script if you want this exact look.)

It’s more of a daily routine with an extra chore at the bottom to be assigned each day.  The best part is, now in the morning I don’t have to say… “Did you…” or “You need to…”  All I say is, “Do your list,” and she goes through and marks it off as she goes.  It’s just put in an IKEA frame with a plastic front so dry erase markers work on it just fine.  If the marks get too dry then a damp cloth takes them right off.

You can look up chores your kid should be able to do by their age here. Happy parenting!

Recommended Reading

On my list of possible blog posts ideas (no one is surprised I have a list) books I would like to recommend is often on it. Many posts… most posts stream from conversations I’m having with friends. Fellow readers usually ask each other for great reads, and these are my all time favorite ones to share with others.

Let me list these in age appropriate order. I have Children’s Literature on here too. P.L. Travers, author of Mary Poppins, kinda hated the term “Children’s Literature” when it came to her own writing. Mostly because she believed in the power of story for all ages. Some of these first books, published for a young audience, have had the deepest and purest impact on me.

Edward Tulane is a beautiful story of a stuffed animal. It may remind you of The Velveteen Rabbit, but it’s more storied.

Multi-generational. Nothing like a girl befriending a woman with great travel stories. It will make you want your passport updated.

Hang on as you read this. I can’t say anything else.

This is art in words. The Little Prince must be read and reread and studied and treasured.

No one writes for kids like Stuart Gibbs. One of my favorite things… his preteen characters almost always have great relationships with their parents. In this one the main character actually informs his parents as trouble arises and they back him up like normal parents would and it does not diminish the story. I love that as I read this to my kids I won’t have to put it down and give a, “if you find yourself in this situation, don’t be like..”

A beautiful story with shout outs to short fiction weaves through it. I love books that introduce me to other reading.

Bob Goff is so great.

His wife, Sweet Maria, is too.

And Bob Goff has just written another one.

This is short and beautiful. I listened to this read by the author and I would really recommend listening to it.

“Good for her, not for me.” Amy kinda writes the world’s greatest solution for women bashing women ever.

I got a lot out of this book. His recommendations for fixing injustice in the court system at the end is simple and has been in my head ever since.

No one writes curmudgeons like Fredrik Backman. His characters are varied and intricate but his stories move in a way that you are NEVER bored.

Lots of language. That’s your warning. But both of these are so funny you can’t help but laugh out loud.

Loved the book. I don’t care for the movie.


I am not a book reviewer. I’m a reader. I can only point you to my favorites but I can’t tell you much because I despise spoilers of any kind. (I don’t read the back covers because of this. I know. That’s extreme.). Let me know if you love these… or let me know if you’ve got some you want to send my way!

Silver Dollar Pancakes

I’ve been doing this for years and never thought to blog about it until my sister in law witnessed me making pancakes and said, “Oh! That’s a good idea.” That’s almost always the reaction I hope one of my blog posts gets.

Simply put… I use a cookie scoop.

I make pancakes for the kids at least once a week so I use the buttermilk pancake mix (just add water?! I have water!) and mini chocolate chips, I get both at Aldi.

Side note on mixes and shortcuts… I recently heard someone say, “If you can get at least 80% of the taste for only 20% of the work or less… so worth it.” I also think that the best product you can buy is the one that causes you to USE it.


When making chocolate chip pancakes, mix in your chips. It helps them go throughout your pancake and doesn’t waste so much chocolate to pan melt that happens if instead you sprinkle on chocolate chips then flip.

I use a pan. I have a griddle, I just rarely dig it out of my cabinet. Once again, the best product is usable

They’re pretty and uniform. Only problem… my kids refused Grandma’s because her pancakes weren’t this small. Sorry Grandma. My shortcut spoiled them.