Bowl Backboard 

We planned our spring break getaway with enough time for me to prepare some road snacks. 

I made no bake cookies. This is my favorite recipe. Love that it gives you the number of seconds to let your liquid be at a rolling boil. So exact. Actually we ate the first batch and I had to make more. These are perfect when you crave chocolate and salt while driving. Plus the oatmeal helps things move instead of what long car rides usually do to all of us. 

We brought other snacks and drinks, so I knew we’d need a cooler. This time I thought ahead and stocked up on ice in advance so we wouldn’t have to make a stop to buy a bag. I emptied my ice maker into freezer bags as it filled up. 

Kinda hard to dump this much ice in a small opening. When I’m filling a ziplock with liquid contents or something that wants to shift I try to fit the bag into a bowl or glass and fold back the lip.

I was trying to think of a way to make a homemade funnel and I thought of my flexi cutting board. This one was a welcome gift in the mail when we bought our house, but I know a lot of people have these. 

Fold and insert. 

Now I have a backboard to pour into. 

Sorry for a blurry picture. This was hard to do with one hand so I could snap this shot.

One down. I filled two more bags this way storing them in the freezer until travel time, then replaced the ice maker to fill up. Plenty of ice for the cooler. Mission accomplished and I got a new multitasking kitchen gadget in the process. 


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